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Creating Safe Spaces

A "Safe Space" is an atmosphere that is created among people where they feel safe and free to express themselves; without fear of backlash, judgement, and retaliation.


Doing a deep dive into yourself, your childhood and your psyche to figure out what trauma is holding you back from living a life that you look forward to living each day.

Correcting Your Thinking

The ability to think good thoughts is a necessary, life-saving skill. Correcting your thinking is about recognizing the ways that your thoughts are causing a disruption in your life and in your relationships.

Balancing Your Ego

A large part of knowing who you are is about knowing who you are not. Having a balanced ego helps you to keep your exaggerated sense of self-importance in check.

Self Awareness

Self-awareness is knowing, processing, and understanding the fullness of who you are (not just the good parts) and what your triggers are. When you know who you are and what's yours to fix, it improves your overall state of being.


Empathy is the necessary act of being able to validate the experience of others. When you have a strong awareness of self, your ability empathize with others increases.

Regulating Emotions

Regulating your emotions is being able to self-soothe and put things into perspective when we are feeling triggered or feeling attacked.

Effective Communication

Effective communication: being able to communicate openly, honestly, and freely with others.

Hard Conversations

Some conversations are very hard to have, but also very necessary. It's not always easy to face the hurts and mistakes (sometimes of the past) that still linger and affect the quality of our relationships...

Repairing Relationships

Repairing relationships is about making amends. Repair does not always result in reconciliation, but it does help to heal, help to clear the air, and helps to offer some well needed clarity.



  • Parent/Adult Child Relationships
  • Romantic Relationships
  • Friends/Roommates
  • Sibling Relationships
  • Family Dynamics
  • Blended Families
  • And more


  • Conflict Resolution
  • Mediation for Hard Conversations
  • Facilitation of Family Meetings
  • Coaching (1-on-1 and Group)
  • Consulting
  • Workshops
  • Specifically Designed Programs for Personal and Relational Development

Our Work is Centered Around Black People

We believe that it is our duty to help the people in our community (black people) improve their lives by improving the relationships we have with ourselves, with each other, and within our families.

We believe communication is the way to do this. We believe better communication leads to better communities. We want our community to Heal, Recover, [and] Be Free.


For businesses and organizations, click on our Restructure Link to see how we are #DoingTheWork to help companies reimagine their company’s culture.

Conversations with KenSights

Schedule a Conversation/Coaching Session with Kendra 

1-on-1 Coaching Session

This is a 1-on-1 coaching session held via Zoom call, designed for focus on the individual and the relationship you have with yourself. This is beneficial for people who recognize that they are the only common denominator in ALL of their relationships.

2-on-1 Coaching Session

This coaching sessions is for relationships between yourself and another person. This could be a romantic relationship, a parental relationship, friendships, siblings etc. This session is designed to help foster an effective conversation and dialogue where it has been hard to do. *Note: This service is for willing parties only.


Group Coaching Sessions (Workshops)

These sessions are primarily announced and held as announced. We do allow for special group bookings for mediation and facilitation of meetings for families, friends, etc.

*All services require a consultation prior to working together. We need to make sure we are a good fit for each other.

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