Who We Are

Heal Recover Be Free is a safe space that is centered around black people and the black community. Heal Recover Be Free focuses on developing healthy communication skills that improve the overall quality of our lives and our relationships. Our personal development services are primarily focused on mental, emotional, and relational wellness through self-awareness and healthy communication. 

We offer coaching, courses, and workshops that are designed to help you: unlearn what isn’t useful nor beneficial, get to know yourself, correct your thinking, confront breakdowns in communication, and have the hard but necessary conversations. We also provide various resources for personal development. Heal Recover Be Free specializes in developing specific soft skills that help improve the overall quality of your life and your relationships.

Communication is the foundation on which our lives (and relationships) are built." - Kendra

What We Do

Our Mission

It is Heal Recover Be Free’s mission to improve the overall quality of our lives and our relationships within the Black Community. We do this primarily by helping our clients redirect the energy that they apply to helping (or trying to fix) other people into focusing on the relationship they have with themselves. This change causes a trickle down effect that leads to improving how they relate to others. Healthy communication is the key to improving our community and the relationships we have within them.

Our Vision

Heal Recover Be Free’s vision is a community that is thriving in their personal lives as well as in their relationships; a community that is willing to do the work to: repair, reshape, and reframe the way that we show up for ourselves and each other in our relationships and in our community. 

We see a community that is having the necessary conversations, healing from their trauma(s), recovering their losses, and being freed from the oppressive, outdated, and unwanted opinions of others. We see a community that is reshaping and reframing expired and outdated narratives as well as releasing the weight of other people’s dogmatic beliefs/views on life. 

Our Values

At Heal Recover Be Free, we value healthy relationships with ourselves first and foremost (self-awareness). In order to have healthy relationships with others, we need to be able to have healthy and effective dialogue. We need to have the ability to think well (think healthy thoughts). We need to be able to resolve conflict in a healthy way (conflict resolution) and we need to start having the hard (but necessary) conversations.

We value:

  • Healing.
  • Recovery.
  • Freedom.
  • Autonomous living with an emphasis on our overall quality of life and living experience.
Who We Do It For

"This sh*t is for us." - Solange Knowles

Our work is centered around Blackness. Being Black. Black People. Black Community. Black Lives. Black Living. Black Loving. Black Freedom. Black Elders, Black Babies, and our Black Ancestors.

Why we do what we do

Heal Recover Be Free was created for us to have a safe space to start #DoingTheWork to heal, recover, and be free from all of the traumas that we keep passing on from generation to generation and relationship to relationship. We do this by changing the way that we communicate with ourselves and each other within our community.

No one is coming to save us. 

We must save ourselves and each other.

This is communal work.

It takes a village to Heal, Recover, and Be Free.