a safe place for us to start #DoingTheWork

Let Heal Recover Be Free help you start doing the work to build better relationships!


Whether it’s a romantic relationship, a relationship with a friend or a family member, or more importantly; the relationship You have with yourself…

~Heal Recover Be Free is here to help you start doing the work!

What exactly is #DoingTheWork?

  • Creating safe spaces (with yourself and others) to have honest and healthy conversations.
  • Making a commitment to yourself (and others) to become the best version of yourself.
  • Maintaining an open mind that allows you to shift away from unhealthy mindsets.
  • Working to become more self-aware; aware of your behavior, aware of your actions and reactions.
  • Opening your mind to new and differing perspectives outside of your own.
  • Learning how to be honest and vulnerable in your communication with yourself and others.
  • Improving the way that you communicate overall to improve the relationship you have with yourself and others.

It’s A Process

Unlearning is the form of learning that is rarely talked about. Anything in your life that you are attempting to unlearn that you have held

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Communication is the foundation on which our lives (and relationships) are built.

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