Our Programs

All of our programs are created with the intent of improving the quality of people's lives and living experiences. We do this by figuring out what is working and what is not; then we figure out how to improve the process.

Restructure (for the workplace)

Restructure focuses on workplace wellness, improving the work environment, and developing a plan that helps to build morale and increase employee satisfaction which leads to retention.

Recover (for the community)

Recover is a community-building initiative, centered around improving the way that we show up for ourselves and each other in our communities.

M.A.P. Program

M.A.P. (Make a Plan) is a program for those who are in transition, those experiencing re-entry, and for those who could benefit from some guidance in creating a plan that gives them direction and focus toward attaining their goal points.

After Care

After Care is a follow-up program that helps people who are having a hard time coping with and/or having difficulty adjusting to any major life impacts/changes. We help to create a plan to help people reclaim their life and adjust to their new normal.

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